We work together, create together, and celebrate together. You get a team, when you work with us.

At Essencius, we find strength in our differences. We are a blend of 20+ employees with mixed skills, nationalities, and experiences. Together, we are creative and ambitious, integrating PR, design, and marketing. We are focused on solving complex challenges, creating beautiful design, and generating earned media.

Brian Sejersen Orland

Managing Partner

Especially skilled with strategy, concepts and client relations. A marketing showman and minister of entertainment., tlf: +45 51 51 19 30

Charlotte Sejersen Orland

Managing Partner

Especially skilled with branding, visual communication and design storytelling. A design snob with a penchant for the classics, both when it comes to furniture and cocktails., tlf. +45 27 20 21 69

Christina Schärfe Lambach

Managing Partner

Especially skilled with strategy, concept development, text and crisis management. A resourceful giggler with an inclination for dancing., tlf. + 45 40 55 53 06

Isabel Blomberg

Communication Consultant

Especially skilled with PR and events in Sweden.
An inventive, methodical lady with a manic post-it mania., tlf. +46 706 223 175

Kenni Kjær Rasmussen

Communication consultant

Especially skilled with PR-strategy, corporate branding and strategic communication. A fashionable communication specialist with a taste for Jägerbombs in Berlin., +45 25 38 95 39

Kristín Sophusdóttir

Creative Communication Assistant, tlf. +45 52 78 80 18

Lene Midtgaard

Associate Senior Consultant

Is especially experienced in the field of green conversion, CSR and purpose marketing. Creative climate nerd that always has a good tip for sustainable consumption habits., tlf. +45 70 26 44 22

Maja Clæsøe

Project Manager

Especially skilled with social and digital media.
A troubleshooting and hiking-loving Lollander., tlf. +45 51 64 23 59

Maria Gamarra


Especially skilled with project management, client contact and negotiation. An organized, obliging islander with hip hop in her genes., tlf. +45 30 26 03 08

Stine Kærsgaard Sørensen

Communication consultant

Especially skilled with strategy, concept development and PR.
A word nerd with a taste for red wine and good company., +45 60 17 28 33


We are always on the lookout for new talent.