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Project Description

Den Gamle Fabrik – The Berry Bus


Through generations, the marmalade producer Den Gamle Fabrik has been associated with Danish summer and the taste of real jam. However, over the years, several competitors have announced their arrival on the market and this has led to a new marketing need. A need to recreate the emotional bond between brand and consumer.


To recreate the nostalgia and regain the position as the Danes’ favorite marmalade brand, we developed a concept that would bring Den Gamle Fabrik back into Danish consciousness.

Den Gamle Fabrik needed to get out to meet their consumers. That’s why we created Den Gamle Fabrik’s Berry Bus. The bus drove across the country during the month of June and visited markets, city parties as well as the important retailers like Bilka, Føtex and Kvickly. Everyone who came to the Berry Bus was met by a cozy universe who set the scene for a good summer experience with Den Gamle Fabrik. Fruit juice, freshly baked waffles and muffins topped with marmalade were served.

The activity was supported by successful PR efforts at national, regional and local level. In parallel, we created awareness through Den Gamle Fabrik’s social media. A combination of fun and involved polls, contests and photos, from the tour, created great interaction around the campaign.

To create an extra push, we ended with a family blogger and journalist event in a strawberry field. The event celebrated the coziness and family values ​​that best reflect Den Gamle Fabrik’s DNA.

Along the way, the nostalgia was also supported by the revival of Bates by the renowned commercials ‘Molly’ and the tones of ‘Do you forget, I remember …’


The Berry Bus gave life to the story of Den Gamle Fabrik’s taste and quality. It was a sensational branding concept that resulted in smiles and great interest throughout Denmark. The interaction with the consumers worked, and Den Gamle Fabrik returned to the hearts of the Danes in style.

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million Danes have met the Berry Bus in cities and on the roads.

The number of visits to the Berry Bus exceeded all expectations when we reached more than 6,000 people who were pleased to taste and talk about Den Gamle Fabrik’s products. This also gave a unique insight into consumer wishes and habits when it comes to jam.

Besides our own efforts, Kvickly, Bilka and several major centers also supported the event and helped create a buzz on their social media.

With the PR efforts we achieved a wide coverage across the country with 37 press clippings and an earned audience of almost 2.5 million.

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