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Project Description

Fuze Tea


When Coca-Cola launched the ice tea Fuze Tea in Denmark, Essencius where given the task of being the lead bureau on the activation of the unknown brand for the Danes. The launch should both create awareness and preference for Fuze Tea in a market where the established ice tea-brands were highly positioned.

In addition, the launch should enable Fuze Tea’s European Communication Platform, focusing on ‘me time’ and the little break in everyday life.


The launch of the Fuze Tea was the largest in the ice tea category for over 10 years. As a center point of the launch, we developed a special kaleidoscope universe that brought consumers close to the product and the unique fusion of ingredients, and at the same time coupled the ‘me time’ to Fuze Tea by creating space for a quiet, reflective moment.

With the kaleidoscope universe, we merged aesthetics and visual storytelling in a classic product launch. The kaleidoscope was folded across media from social media-films and PR to influencer events and event-based sampling to consumers.

Among the main elements of the launch there was a special vending machine, where passers-by got a free Fuze Tea if they took a little break in the middle of the rush hour. We filmed the event and posted the movie on social media.
To create further hype, we organized an influencer event with the most well-known Danish bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers.


The launch of Fuze Tea in Denmark exceeded expectations both among consumers and the media.
Especially on blogs and Instagram, Fuze Tea quickly became a media star, who received more than 100 reviews and reached more than 1 million. followers. The film with the special vending machine achieved a reach of more than 800,000 and gained over 2 million. impressions.

In addition, Fuze Tea was featured in more than 40 media – from professional media and lifestyle media to nationwide media and local media – and overall achieved an earned audience of over 1.7 million.

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