With video content for social media, campaigns and PR, we unfold your story to consumers’ and algorithms’ favourite format.

We are passionate about telling the good story and in more and more cases, a movie or video production is the best way to do it. Regardless of the method, good communication is about finding and supporting the good story. Whether it is a video for social media or a news story in TV, the angle, story flow and the visual, it must all come together.

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Shooting a film

At Essencius we have our own set-up for smaller productions, and we work with specialists when it comes to larger productions or very specific disciplines. We always choose the set-up that results in the best video for you in relation to your communicative goals.

If you choose us to produce your movies for social media, we handle everything from idea development, storyboards, footage, clips, editing, colour adjustments, graphics and animation to audio and publishing.

We provide: Videos for social media, web movies, in-store spots, e-learning videos, animation videos and smaller commercials.

Videos for social media

As the algorithms behind Facebook and Instagram focus on videos as the preferred media method, we specialize in creating movies for social media, including YouTube and Snapchat, which support the various social channels and behaviour of your target audience.

We deal with data constructively and we challenge the format requirements, because we know that a good story does not always have to be communicated in 8 or 20 seconds. Of course, we also take into account whether your movie should primarily work on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

PR and film productions

Like all other communication disciplines, PR has also become more visual.

Several media are expanding their online video editorial offices, and many of the media demands more movies and videos. That’s why we often produce Video News Releases.

Campaign and event films

We often create films that support a marketing campaign or extend the experience of a branded event, because filming events gives participants optimal opportunities to share the experience with friends and family.

Here you can find some good examples of our recruitment film for ‘HappyMoves’, a concept by Coca-Cola and DGI (sports association), the Danish Hospital Clowns’ social media campaign or a Christmas film for Cola-Cola.

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