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As a PR-agency we work with image, perception and credibility. Media coverage is one of the building blocks.

Public Relations (PR) is more than just media coverage and contacting journalists. It is a broader discipline which also lists crisis management covering your brand, company and your field of expertise. We believe in strategic PR, using our skills when working on the overall reputation and credibility, which influences consumers in choosing your brand. We work with both small and larger influencers, celebrities and researchers to strengthen our PR-skills.

PR-agency and business-development

Media businesses both develops itself and publishes material in a faster pace than ever before. How we used to target a large part of the public through simple and few media, this scenario is completely different today. The way consumers tend to -and use media today, is almost tribal and sets the bar very high, for your communicative outreach. Every media, every podcast and every vlog have its own specialized focus and should be attended to in the same specialized way. We will help you with just that.

A strategy for communication and storytelling

PR is basically all about maintaining and building a reputation, which is summed up by words, perceptions and activities coming from you together with your competitors’ behavior which in the end creates an agenda. With Essencius by your side, we will create this agenda together.

Every day medias are bombarded with press releases on new products and services or exciting, new collaborations. To break the barrier and reach the consumers via journalists and influencers, you need a thorough insight as to how journalists and influencers work and prioritize. As PR-agency, we have that special insight.

PR and marketing

We are marketing-PR specialists also when focus lies on a product or a campaign – both when published via evnts, SoMe, digital or needs media coverage. We create stories based on clear insight from your brand. Stories which journalists, bloggers, influencers and consumers wish to make their own. Stories which heightens your reputation and leads to sales. As your PR-agency, we establish dialogues and know-how to support your brand. Get to know more about our launch for Fuzetea and Anthon Berg’s Christmas-travel, which has run through several years now.

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