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“It takes creativity, innovation and courage to challenge your clients to go all the way. With the Sweet Moments campaign, the communications agency Essencius worked with a combination of classical product PR, social media marketing, an event and various branded content. Essencius did an outstanding job, and the result of the campaign was massive coverage and consumer involvement with Anthon Berg.”

Maja Fogt Jørgensen / Brand Manager , Anthon Berg

“Essencius managed to make the problem surrounding polar bears‘ artic habitat present and relevant for Danes. During the campaign, we experienced that the Danes engaged with Coca-Cola in a new and different way. The campaign was a great success.”

Line Beck-Fischer / Brand Manager, Coca-Cola

“I have been very pleased with cooperating with Essencius on the launch of Calvin Klein Women. Their team was extremely service-minded and professional throughout the whole project. I trusted them completely because I knew I was in safe hands”

Serife Özdemir / Brand Manager, Calvin Klein

Both the consumers, retailers and the media have embraced the concept invented by Essencius, which celebrates women and gives children around the world an opportunity to have wonderful experiences.

In addition, The PANDORA Tour has also helped to establish an even stronger relationship with bloggers and journalists, since the concept created numerous fun and compelling stories.

Helen Rosenkjær Koppel Jensen / Marketing & PR Director, PANDORA Nordic

“It is crucial for us that the Danes are familiar with the hospital clowns’ work. Otherwise, it is not possible for us to spread joy to sick children and their families. Therefore, it was important to create a campaign that could teach the Danes about our work and, at the same time, engage a lot of people and get them to help us spread the message of joy. In cooperation with Essencius, we succeeded with this.

Kenneth Øhrberg / CEO, Danske Hospitalsklovne

“When Essencius took over our breast cancer support bracelet strategy, the negative sales curve broke for the first time. The bracelet went from being a support item to becoming the centre of the campaign. It was crucial that Essencius as a creative PR and communications agency put focus on positioning, branding and redesigning the bracelet making it more a fashionable item but still with a clear message along with a relevant story. This strategy led to massive improvement in sales.

Carina Winther / Campaign Responsible, Støt Brysterne

“With ‘Stories of the Berry People”, our PR and communications agency Essencius created an original and effective activation of our advertising universe, which linked our brand even further with storytelling. Den Gamle Fabrik got extremely valuable publicity on media platforms we would otherwise never reach, and the campaign has given our brand new touchpoints to our consumers.

Maja Fogt Jørgensen / Product Manager, Den Gamle Fabrik

“With the Barok campaign we managed to create a relevant emotional connection between horses and the Danish consumers, raising awareness & interest in the trotting sport while positioning it as an easy and entertaining activity for Danes. We are very glad to have broadened the exposure of our brand and we expect to have more betters joining the trotting sport.” 

Morten Kofoed Sørensen, Dantoto Product Manager, Dansk Lotteri Spil A/S

“Essencius was very open and honest. Challenges were solved effectively and budget constraints were respected. Essencius is very friendly, service oriented and professional with a good understanding of brand building.”

Kristian Bye, Vice President, reMarkable
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